Saturday, March 14, 2009

The Invitations!

We are days away from being at the 3 month mark. So I have a little under a month to get all 175 invitation envelops addressed and get these beautiful babies in the mail. They arrived on Thursday and I have not stopped looking at them since. I took one to work and set it next to my computer to brighten up my cubicle. They are just so lovely!

And for that Hillary and I have to thank our wonderful friends Matt and Lindsey. Matt designed and printed 200 of these for us and while I don't know the extent of her role, I'm sure his amazing wife (and my bestie) Linz, had a helping hand in getting these to us. They are both talented artists and wonderful friends.

When I first discussed what I wanted with Matt my goals were for them to create as little waste as possible (no second envelope and the reply card is a post card to eliminate an envelope needed there) and for them to be casual and represent us and the day. The only 2 pieces not pictured are the envelope and directions card, so I think we achieved our goal there. Matt's design fits perfectly in with our "prairie chic" theme. I am just thrilled with them!

P.S. - Sorry for my lack of blogging lately  - here is my excuse.

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Anonymous said...

I wouldn't trust them. I'd call the LaPorte County Sheriff's Office to get some advice about the foreclosure. The tent is not up yet,it's unclear about what they want for the foundation for the tent, the place looks like a dump because it hasn't been taken care of. Things are NOT going as planned and they are promising things that will most likely not happen. Many events are backing where are they going to get the money? Find a better offer with a venue that has been established. will probably find yourself and your guests eating at Mc'Donalds if you trust them. Again, take my advice and talk to the LaPorte County Sheriff's Office. They will have public information for you.