Sunday, March 22, 2009

Shower Invitations

We hit our  3 month mark on Friday and it appears that this is the time for pre-wedding event  invitations to start arriving! On Friday I got my invitation to my bridal shower and I was floored by the amazing-ness of these hand made invites. 

My aunts, Mary & Peggy, know that I am working on making my wedding (and my life) as green as possible, so they stayed with that theme and it begins with these invitations. They made them out of folded paper lunch bags and they are more than just invitations...

If you can't read the text in the left corner it says: "Sara and Hillary live too far away; please send your gifts to their home in LA. Please bring back this brown paper sack filled with a little something you feel the bride shouldn't lack." (How cute is the rhyming?)

So they request that all of the shower gifts be sent directly to Hill and I, but then to bring a small little trinket to the shower in the paper bag. I think the idea is some useful thing the giver loves themselves and feels like they couldn't get along with in their every day lives. So the paper bag invite gets up-cycled into wrapping paper. 

I think these are so fantastic and can't thank them enough for taking the time to DIY these invites. (Thanks to my mom and Riley too, since I know they had a hand in the creation of these). More on the green shower next month. I can't wait!!

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