Saturday, January 3, 2009

This Will Be Our Year...

So here we are, 2009 brides, sitting right smack in the year we will be betrothed to our most loved for the rest of our days. We will create beautiful, memorable celebrations (with varying degrees of assistance) that reflect our personalities as a couple.

This year I will turn 30, I will stand up in the wedding of my great friend who I have known since we were tots and I will marry my dream dude - in that order. Even though my brain won't let me think past the honeymoon at this point (so I'm hitting a mental wall around the end of June 09), I am so excited for the months to come!

2009 will be a fantastic year, but the best part is, I know it's only the beginning. Spending the rest of my life with Hillary will be an adventure like no other. I am a truly lucky girl. 

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