Wednesday, January 7, 2009


{Photo by Eye Know Photo}

I debated posting this photo, because I want my guests to be surprised by our Thank You cards, but I decided that, in reality, not that many of my guests read this blog so it's okay to share with you. Also, this isn't exactly how the card will look, I have several other photos that will be included in the final product and, obviously, there will be some words. Expect the results in a post sometime in July after the wedding.

So above is my first wedding DIY project and also the only one to be complete at this point. I knew I wanted our Thank Yous to be a photo taken at our engagement session so I had to come up with something to express our gratitude.

I thought about making a sign or having our photographer snap a photo of Hillary and I spelling out the letters using our bodies and various other complicated schemes. Then I remembered all of the fabric patches I had in my bedroom from when my Gram J and I started a quilt, which I hadn't worked on in a while. So I sewed the pieces into letters and attached them to a small piece of blue rope. It would have been a lot easier if I'd had a sewing machine, but c'est la vie. 

Other DIY projects in the works: 
  • Guest book centered around our engagement photos. 
  • Boutonnieres fashioned out of clusters of buttons covered with the same fabric as the tables - so excited about this one!
  • I'm learning calligraphy to address my own invitations. 
  • Probably things I haven't even come up with yet.
Stay Tuned!


Darci said...

Hey Sara! I didn't realize you had a wedding it. And I just had to say that I couldn't agree more about the milk glass - so lovely!

Anonymous said...

Love the than you card