Sunday, December 7, 2008

My Dress Is In My Apartment!

Holy crap! This might be a little too much responsibility for me. I think I liked it better when Nicole Miller was storing it.

Tomorrow is my first fitting. I have the shoes and the dress, now I just have to run to the store to get some Spanx.  I was instructed to be as prepared as possible. I'm bringing a little extra body fat to this first meeting that I plan on losing before the final fitting. (Fingers Crossed)


Anonymous said...

Not sure what your dress looks like but you may want to consider Slimpressions as well. Their Skinny Minis are basically shaping camis. I love their sleeved solutions myself. I found them at Intimacy in NY but the sleeved products ("the haves" and "the have nots") are at (free shipping.) Of course, there's probably a boutique by you that carries them as well. Their the hot new thing in shapewear it appears. Good luck with your fitting!

Nicole said...

Nice! I love Nicole Miller (not just because of the matching name) but her wedding designs are gor-geous.