Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Mega Cakes from Kuwait

I was sent an email forward from my friend Sandra, who doesn't really forward that much, but when she does it's typically worth it. This one totally was. Check out these cakes!

They are made for royalty in Kuwait by this guy - Omar Addihaoui.

I'm not a giant fan of over the top cakes, which these...dare I say it...take the cake (harhar), but if nothing else they are feats of engineering.

There is a website where you can see more...or you can just wait for the email forward to come your way.

This one is insane - look at the people standing next to it! They are dwarfed by it's giaganticness.
All photos from Omar Addihaoui's site.

1 comment:

LINZ said...

I fully expect to see one of these babies at your reception. they are so diesel. GO BIG OR GO HOME!!!