Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Chucking the To-do List

{Lake Michigan from the Indiana Dunes}

As the sun sets and our red eye to Charlotte leaves in about 4 hours, I am giving up on 50% of the wedding tasks I was trying to finish before the holiday weekend.

Task 1 - Get group booking contract from the hotel - CHECK, signed, sealed and in the mail.

Task 2 - Make reservations for the boy, the brother and the parents at the caterer's restaurant  for when we are in the Chicago area over Christmas. - NO CHECK, called the caterer 4 times over the last week and can not get him to return my calls. 

Task 3 - Get the prices from the local brewery we're using as the bar tenders that I've been requesting for over a month. - NO CHECK, called the brewery 3 times over the last week and no one will return my calls. 

Task 4 - Make first of 4 fitting appointments with the seamstress. - CHECK, appointment made and my first fitting is the second week of Dec. Exciting!

So what is up with people in the food and beverage industry? You really can't get much more customer service oriented, and yet, I can't seem to get anyone to return my phone calls. Has anyone else had problems like these? Any good advice as how to handle? 

Everyone enjoy their Thanksgiving and forget about fitting into that wedding dress for the day.

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