Monday, October 13, 2008

Lubeznik Center for the Arts - Michigan City

I am so excited to share these photos from Mandy and Katie's wedding in Michigan City, IN. They were married in July at the Lubeznik Center for the Arts. The venue is classy, modern and perfect for these wonderful brides. Mandy was kind enough to answer some questions about their day. 

Gorgeous! {bobbi+mike}

IW: Why did you choose your venue?

M: I knew I wanted the ceremony in my hometown and not in a church. I'd read somewhere about a cool wedding in an art gallery, so I searched online for one in the area. I had forgotten The Lubeznik Center for the Arts existed! After touring their new, eco-friendly building, we decided it was just what we wanted.

I'm in love with this photo {bobbi+mike}

IW: Did the venue have a caterer or did you choose your own?

M:  They had a preferred caterer (Great Lakes Catering), and we loved them. They were super professional, not afraid of doing something a little different (fettuccinni alfredo!), and they knew how to work the space.

IW: What was your favorite part of the wedding?

M: My favorite moment was when Katie's Best Woman looked around in amazement and asked, 'How did you do this?' I told her I had planned for a long time, but really, we just asked people to come and they came! I suddenly felt very lucky for being born into my family, and for all the friends we had. I was overwhelmed with everything in that moment.

IW: What would you do differently in the planning process?

M: I would either have hired a planner, or taken the whole thing down a notch. Somewhere along the way, it turned into a 'real wedding', which apparently meant a white dress and programs. I was very stressed about everything coming together, and it definitely affected my mood day-of. I was still nervous two weeks later! If I could go back, I would tell myself that all the little things weren't all that important.

I'm a big fan of Bobbi + Mike's photography. I'm also pretty sure if I wasn't in LA I would hunt them down and make them be my friends, they seem so super fun! Check out their website and the blog.

Thanks to Mandy and Katie for giving us a peek inside your day. It was gorgeous! You both did a fantastic job. 

You can see more amazing photos of Mandy and Katie on bobbi+mike's blog. Here.

Reach the Lubeznik Center at or call them at 219.874.4900

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