Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Studio This Is/SOTA

Unbelievably, I don't think I've done an official post on my photographers. It is unbelievable because I am SO excited that Studio This Is is photographing our wedding. Then I saw these photos from The Unbride's apres wedding shoot and I knew the time to feature them has come. 

So these photos weren't taken by Studio This Is, exactly, but their partner/sister company, SOTA, who I believe is located in VA. These beautiful photos are much along the same lines of fantastic-ness that are plastered all over their website

I am so in love with these photos! I'm sure it also helps that their subjects are just as fantastic as their talent.


LINZ said...

we're all gonna look like sexy models in your wedding photos! YEA!

Mandy A. said...

Gorgeous! I cannot wait to see your pictures!