Friday, February 6, 2009

Wedding Nightmares

{All images from Container Store}

I feel great. I'm not stressed about the wedding, the finalization of my thesis, the fact that the economy is in the toilet and my company is on the lay-off band wagon. It will all work out just fine. I know this. Or do I? 

I have been hyper scheduling myself (Target - 10:30 a.m. to 11:15; facial from noon to 1:30; meet Hillary for lunch at 2:00 - 3:30 etc...). When I'm not paying attention I find I am suddenly scrolling the online pages of my own personal therapy retailer. Some people have Barney's, or Neiman Marcus, I have The Container Store. Looking at these photos are equal to a half hour of yoga for me. From past experience I know that I ramp up the things in my life I can control (my schedule and how organized I am) when I feel certain other aspects are out of control. 

And my final clue that my subconscious is worrying more than I'm realizing is that I've started having nightmares. Wedding related, which are really more funny, when I wake, than scary, but they are very upsetting mid dream. So this brings me to my first weekly installment of Wedding Nightmares - A weekly feature, coming to you every Friday, about my worry filled dreams.

Monday's Nightmare: Wedding day, we arrive and there is no tent for my 250 guests, not even a concrete slab where the permanent tent would be. The bathrooms have disappeared, like the place never had them. What? For most of the dream I just ran around screaming at people. {Logically I know, this will not happen, because my venue is great.}

Thursday's Nightmare: Hillary's new suit arrives in the mail and he intercepts it. When I ask him if it came he tells me yes, but he lent it to our friend Marshall because "he needed a suit." I freak out on him. He tells me to chill. Then the formerly lovely, and not cheap, suit comes back with wine stains all over the jacket. (Not that Marshall would ever ruin Hill's suit, if he did end up borrowing it.)

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