Monday, February 2, 2009

B-Ette Party Invites

If you follow my blog you know that one of my best friends is getting married just weeks before us. I just received the most adorable invite, made with love by her sisters, Kadie and Tracy (Tracy says Kadie should get most of the credit) to her bachelorette party.

They were sent in a vertical, pocketed, tri-fold, inner envelope with a pink ribbon wrapped around them (which my cats promptly claimed as theirs). 

Inside were three adorable stacked coordinating pieces of paper with important info on them. Julie is in Austin, but her sisters live in Milwaukee (which is close to where we grew up) so they are taking the entire weekend to celebrate Jules and have tons of girlie fun!

I love the rhyming and the lingerie shopping idea. Especially helpful for people traveling long distances who may not want to haul a gift. 

The last page gives all the most important info. (It's scalloped but because of the white background you can't see that.) Kudos to Kad and Trace! Great job. 

The sadness? Because of my maxed out wedding travel budget and lack of vacation days due to my own wedding and honeymoon, I can't go. WAAHHHHAHAH! I will be missing a great time, as you can see.