Thursday, February 26, 2009

Mavris Cultural Center - Indianapolis

As I've mentioned before I try to stay away from the bigger cities, because cool places tend to be so much more accessible in them. But I couldn't resist this one, featured on Bobbi + Mike.

Initially Hillary and I wanted our wedding to be in an industrial, warehouse-ish venue, but just couldn't find the right thing in our general location area. The Mavris Cultural Center would have been perfect!

I love the exposed brick and duct work. And you can't beat those wood floors. Such a cool place!

All photos were taken by the marvelous Bobbi + Mike. Go to their blog to see more of this amazing wedding and that gorgeous bride...seriously, stunning!

Contact the Mavris Cultural Center via their website or email them here -


john mavris said...

Hi Everyone,
I'm so gratefull for all the nice comments. Keep in mind it is not unusual for our name to be mispelled. something with our mind often swithes the R & V in my name. Be sure to to to
I would love to answer any quesions. Again, thanks for the great comments.

Jenn said...

We are getting married 9*25*2010 at Mavris and cannot wait. Not only was it impossible to look at any other venue after visiting the location, I have heard nothing but wonderful things about both the staff and the facility!

Keri-Ann said...

We are getting married 26.June.2010 at Mavris and couldn't be more excited. It's the most beautiful venue I've ever seen and I know it'll all be worth it!!