Thursday, December 18, 2008

Oh Christmas Tree...

So I pretty much had nothing to do with putting this tree together, but isn't it pretty? My mom always does such a great job decorating the house. (She's mad at me because I took the photos before she had the skirt on it.) 

The trip home has been productive so far. We met with the florist and it went really great. Ladies in the Northwest Indiana area should consider talking with Dan at Earthly Enchantments. We explained out vision and he jumped right on board, telling us what we could do and suggesting back up flowers in case I can't have my bouquet of white ranaculous. I am happy with his suggestions and guidance. Now we'll just wait for the quote :) 

After Christmas we're meeting with the cater and picking out the suits for the guys. Check, check and check! We're looking at 6 months tomorrow...yikes!

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