Monday, August 4, 2008

Beyond Amazing Dresses

Two words: Joan Shum. I am lucky enough to live about an hour from Long Beach, CA where the talented designer has a studio. My mom and I visited her this weekend and I got to try on a few of her amazing creations. 

I am fairly comfortable with my body, but admittedly have no discernible curve to my waist. Joan trussed me up in one of her handmade corsets and voila, I had a waist! It was fantastic. I tried on the dress above. I love the net shirt under the corset and she uses vintage broaches, which she collects and keeps in a charming red jewelry box. 

I really wanted to try on this skirt with the incredible rose bustle, but this lovely model is much much smaller than me and it wouldn't quite fit. Indiana brides, I know, I know, but she has an Etsy shop. She makes it to your exact specifications and measurements. You may have to fly to Long Beach for a fitting, but aren't these creations worth it??

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