Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Peacocks Anyone?

Meyer's Castle in Northwest Indiana is a fantastic wedding venue. My MOH had her wedding there a few years back and it was lovely. The great old stone building is a fantastic back drop for photos and the permanent tented area works perfectly for larger parties.

And there are Peacocks! Look how gorgeous Chitown Bride's photos are with that stunning white peacock hanging around. I do not have peacocks at my venue, but I'm thinking about seeing if they are interested in purchasing a few...as an investment. Check out her blog for a full review of the venue.

Chitown Bride and I have a lot in common, not only our love for peacocks, but she used the same photographer I'm using, who I will blog soon. The examples on her site look very promising (not that I wasn't sold from their amazing website).

Check out Meyer's Castle here or call them at 219.865.8452

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Chitown Bride said...

Thank you for the kind words! And - this is a blog that Northwest Indiana needs!