Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Ring Ring!

Hillary and I considered a lot of things when we were thinking of our engagement ring and very little of it was asthetic. We knew we did not want to give any of our money to DeBeers and we have both social and envioronmental issues with the way diamonds are collected. We also knew we didn't want the symbol of the beginning of our life together to put us into debt.

We considered opals and other stones as alternatives to diamonds. Then Hillary's parents offered us his granmother's ring. It was the perfect solution. I have always loved thing with a history and family history, so much the better. Besides being stunning it has a deeper meaning to us. And we didn't have to purchase any new diamonds.

The Three Graces site is amazing. There are more than just engagement rings, they have jewelry from many time periods and it's all stunning. I want everything. Very reasonable prices too. 

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