Thursday, July 3, 2008

Marquette Pavilion - Gary, IN

{Photo Credit: Gregory H. Jenkins}

No, seriously, Gary. It's Miller Beach, Gary's hidden lake side gem. There are very fancy houses, very lovely beaches and this great piece of architecture just waiting for someone to throw a party in it. Look at that patio...can someone say cocktail hour? Also it's right on the beach, ceremony on the beach, cocktails on the patio, dinner in the pavilion...presto! 

For more information call Marquette Pavilion at 219.938.7362 Or Gary Park Department at 219.886.7113

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cyndi said...

These would all be fabulous ideas for a wedding, and I have wanted this to be my location for my wedding for some time. Unfortunately, the staff there does not return phone calls and has little information to give potential clients. They are closing for remodeling and opening next summer, but they will not release any info as to who their new caterer will be. They also won't release their prices or potential menus. I have called everyone from the parks superintendant (no return call) from the director who also did not return our call. Who does business like this? ...frustrated Bride